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Please donate to our HELP SAVE THE BEES project!





Help Save the Beez Project along with Little Bees Big Honey are bringing awareness to honeybees and native bees through education and outreach. The mission of Little Bees Big Honey and the Help Save the Beez Project is to establish habitats and educate while preserving honeybee and native pollinator populations.  The honeybee preserve will be a pollinator paradise designed by nature and filled with native flowering plants to provide pollen and nectar each season, though Mother Nature’s grand design. Our sanctuary will increase the number of pollinators through swarming and queen rearing, expand knowledge through classes and apiary tours, and provide an opportunity for beekeepers and those that love bees to gather and learn from each other.

We recognize that the honeybee is having a hard time in the world today.  Our goal is to help organize efforts to increase honeybee awareness and continue to build honeybee sanctuaries.  Your gracious donation will go directly into establishing native wildflower areas that encourage a healthy honeybee diet by allowing for a varied food source.  Your donation will also support the creation of hive bodies, homes for the bees that are safe and secure that enable honeybees to thrive and grow.  In a bee colony, every bee works for the good of the whole hive, each bee is important to ensure a strong and thriving colony.  Your donation to help save the bees will be joined with others, and together we will make a difference.  Honeybees and humans need to work together so that both species can flourish and live to our full potential. 

Thank you for your generous support!

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