Magic Muscle Balm

SKU: LBBH-0006 Magic Muscle Balm

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LITTLE BEES BIG HONEY Bee balm are the bomb!
Hands, face, nose to toes; heal and soothe irritated skin with simple all natural balm.


Nothing feels better than a great workout. Making your muscles work, feeling oxygen fill your lungs and energy coursing through your entire system. Those same muscles are used each day as we go about our daily routine, including daily chores of cleaning and yard work. Everyday we rely on our body to be at its best, even when those same muscles and joints that we push so hard are achy and sore. Little Bees Big Honey Magic Muscle Balm provides cool soothing relief to invigorate tired muscles while warming to increases circulation to sore joints and muscles getting you back to what you do best. Work hard, play harder, and recover faster from your adventures with Little Bees Big Honey’s Magic Muscle Balm.



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